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TNSEA Regional Committee Participation

TNSEA maintains numerous committees as directed by our bylaws that are intended to provide a forum for structural engineers to exchange ideas and knowledge and to develop guidelines to benefit the profession and the public.

We would encourage your participation in one or more of these committees. A list of these committees and a brief description of each are shown below.

Following the list, please indicate which committees you are interested in.

Programs and Meetings - Develops and presents continuing education programs for structural engineers.

Membership - The Membership Committee strives to attract Associate, Affiliate, and  Sustaining Members of NCSEA. In addition, this committee shall work with existing Member Organizations and their Executive Directors, on such issues as information exchange and communication, membership attraction and retention, newsletters and seminars.

Publications - The Publications Committee coordinates and manages publications produced by TNSEA.

Professional Practice - Responsible for enhancing the image of structural engineers and of the profession itself to a broad audience consisting of students, the general public, prospective clients, and other engineers.

Codes and Standards - Responsible for working with Model Code and Standards issues and activities, such as generating and responding to code changes, preparation and codification of resource documents, trial design studies, and practical application guidelines.

Structural Engineer Emergency Response (SEER) - Responsible for investigating opportunities and establish a framework for structural engineers to become more widely trained and nationally organized to assist local jurisdictions with post disaster assessment and recovery.

Licensing - Seeks to influence Tennessee, in the interest of public safety, to adopt consistent licensing laws.

Young Member Group - Provides a community for young or new structural engineers to interact with their peers while also eliminating the gap between schooling and licensed practice.


Information on membership categories is available here.

 Associate ER
 Associate MR
 Associate WR
 Member ER
 Member MR
 Member WR
 Student ER
 Student MR
 Student WR

Nominations for Distinguished Member

The Middle Tennessee Chapter of TNSEA is seeking nominations for Distinguished Members in  our organization. Please see above for qualifications required for consideration by the Board of Directors for this honor. If you would like to nominate someone for Distinguished Membership, please do so below.

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